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Rubber Car Floor Liners & Mud Flaps Manufacturing


Genuine accessories manufacturing

Saransk Rubber Technical Company carries out research and development efforts to implement genuine accessories production projects successfully in a comprehensive way.

  • 1 Full-cycle manufacturing

    SRTK  has a powerful production and design potential allowing to implement genuine accessories production projects in a full-cycle format - from development and tooling to packaging and shipping of finished products all over the world.

  • 2 Advanced manufacturing base

    SRTK has a powerful highly-developed production base equipped with all necessary modern facilities located in Saransk. The company has a boiler room and a fleet of of loading and unloading equipment, as well as special equipment: rubber mixers, HAAS metalworking centers, rolls, hydraulic press for direct pressing, turning and stamping equipment.

  • 3 Highly developed project management system

    We operate within the framework of systemic process of development and implementation of management decisions at each stage of every specific project. Each decision is directed to successful task completing within time, budget and resource constraints.

  • 4 Short time period of production Due to the advanced project management system and comprehensive approach we are able to develop and produce the necessary product volume in a short time period. Due to the advanced technical and technological base, SRTK has the ability to increase production capacity by up to 35% within 2 months.
  • 5 Quality control of raw materials and finished products The company pays great attention to quality control of raw materials and works only with reliable partners maintaining high quality standards and which are industry-leaders. SRTK has a well-established quality of products passed the multi-level testing system.
  • 6 High level of service

    We save time and costs of our partners guaranteeing high quality of service: error-free registration of accompanying documentation, fast support for service and product issues, quick order confirmation and more.

  • 7 Well-developed logistics

    An advanced partner logistics network and the development of optimal routes and logistics schemes make it possible to deliver in Russia and abroad efficiently and with high quality.

  • 8 Marketing support

    Our clients and partners get a lot of features: timely informing about new products and promotions; information and technical support, POSM, displays and product samples, an access to a media library with photo and video materials. We are always ready to make presentations and training sessions for you and your employees.

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Russia, Republic of Mordovia, Saransk, 1-ya Promyshlennaya str., 29
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